Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fireworks & year of the Rabbit!!

Ahakzzz... late update from me.. =) hehehehe.. well, what else can i say rite.. Actually i've slow down with my shoting recently.. Just that i've lost the feel for a moment.. Now im back.. hahahaha.. Why?? Just wait.. i will shot more & more & more... Its time for my comeback.. For a starter, here are some shot taken during the CNY eve.. Spare less than an hour to shot, so here are the shots that i manage to captured that nite..

Location: Taman Sahabat Kuching..
Time: Around 11.30-12.15(raining after that lor)
Date: Check the calender..CNY eve..



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mas & Dee...

Great couple & easy to work with.. This shots was taken last year and i missed out to post this.. Really enjoy myself shoting both of them.. Thanks to bro Zamrin(WhiteRoom Studio) for giving me the trust to get this job done..

Location: Taman Sahabat,Hotel & Petra Jaya Highway.. OK, lets not talk much here an here are the shots.. Got anything to say, jus drop your comments.. Thanks ya... Cheers all.. :)

Dee & Mas

Dee & Mas

Dee & Mas

Dee & Mas

Dee & Mas

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pre-wed 2011

Hi there... My 1st post for the year 2011.. Hmmm.. a little bit lazy or can i say that im busy with my daily work?? hehehehehe... Honestly, IM LAZY.. not because i dont like to blog here, it is just that i prefer more to the other social network site such as FB.. actually i post alot of new & latest shots there.. U guys can search me under my own name, and do add me k..

OK.. let us continue here, i got plenty of shots/pics to share, but let me start with this outdoor pre-wed shots.. This couple will be getting married in March, & this shots are from the outdoor outing from a workshop that is organize by WhiteRoom Studio.. Im jus helping out the WhiteRoom Studio team to guide those newbies.. Interested to join this workshop? Jus email me or contact me.. More workshop is coming up soon by WhiteRoom Studio..

So here are the shots.. Any comment & critics are welcome..




Thursday, October 21, 2010

A great weekend at One Hotel @ Santubong Resort

It was a great weekend.. It has been quite sometime i didnt have a great time with my own family.. Since i got a free stay voucher from Santubong Resort, so this is a great time for me to have a break.. Release all my stress by watching the sun setting down on the west side.. I took some shots with my son(that is so hyperactive) during the sunset.. I was a beautiful sunset but it wasnt the best of it.... i do miss sunset alot coz it reminds me of all the sweet memories..

Santubong Sunset

where is the love??


should i go??


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Timothy & Shanty last post was 2 months ago..Again, same old busy with my daily routine..hehehehe..:p The easiest & the best reason to cover up myself lorr..... What else i can say??kih..kih..kih.. But still can view all of my work on FaceBook.. Im more active on that site.. *wink* Anyway, on the 29th May 2010..It was a memorable day for this two young couple.. Timothy & Shanty.. Nothing much to say here.. As i know, they were the best ever couple i ever shot.. With 4 pairs of bridesmaids "pengapit".. Co-operative & very cheerfull... So here are the shots...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

David & Kate Weds

1st May, a day to remember by this couple.. The day that both of them tie their knot, say their vows,promise to each other to be together no matter what happen.. Its their wedding day.. Day full with happiness,sadness & tears.. David & Katherina... From that moment, both of u with carry the responsibility & burdens together...

Yes.. i was the OP for the day.. And i was also the OP for their engagement day on the 1st June(Gawai Day) 2009.. Thanks to both of them for giving me the trust to be their one & only photographer.. :)

Church service is at St.Stephen Bau, wedding reception is at the bride's house alocated at Kpg. Bobak, Bau...

Nothing much to say & im having a great time at their wedding reception & both family member are so damn cool.. Nice to have them around entertaining me perhaps..hehehehe... So here are the shots.. Once again, congrats to both of them... Cheers...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Smile Cindy...

Haiyaaa.... Again i did not update my blog frequently as what i promised..(did i??) hehehehe.. This shoting session was held last month( oppss.. i forgot the date) :P.. Got nothing to do so i called up Cindy to arrange this shoting session that i've promised her few months back...( kih..kih..kih..) Me busy maa... no time to arrange futhermore no cam for few months before that..(sold the previous one before getting myself a new one) hehehehe..

Cindy is a very happy,sweet looking lady.. Lurv to shot her again in the future..(this is not a promise) mayb with another style & theme..

So here are the shots.. Any C&C are welcome for improvement. Thanks yaa...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Model Shot Out with Ann Ling...

This shot was taken on the 10th April, the day Ann Ling was born.. It was her birthday lor..& she hired my fren Masan to shot her.. So i jus tagged myself with Masan since i got nothing to do that evening.. Play around with my DSLR that i have kept for quite sometime due to my busy daily routine works..( i guess..*winks) hehehehe.. so here are the shots.. Any comment & critics are totally welcome.. Can say what ever u guys want to say... me no problemo one..hehehehe

Monday, April 26, 2010

Concert @ BCCK (Borneo Convention Centre Kuching)

Fuhh..Its been a while i did not update my blog due to my workload that is increasing day by day.. Huh..what a life.. My visitor is decreasing every month.. Sorry bout that folks.. I got family to feed & cant committ myself blogging everyday..hehehehehe.. :P

Recently or can i say it few weeks ago(wink*), went to BCCK to shot a concert performed by some local artist a.k.a "Iban singer".. It was great & i had nvr enjoyed myself in such a concert.. Great sound system, great lighting & great performers.. I really like the sound system, & i hope Kuching will have a great concert from a great artist such as Daughtry maybe..hahahaha.. In our dream perhaps.. But i do suggest that BCCK is a great place to held a concert...

So here are the stage looks like.. Great lighting before the concert & a huge stage to perform..

The concert lead by a great MC.. One of the famous local DJ from SibuFm.. None other than DJ MCL(Margaret Cosma).. Very outstanding output from the MC's that nite.. Full with Humour by both of them.. OOpppsss.. cant get to know the other MC name.. hehehehe..


"MAYA" the band that lead the show that nite.. Outstanding performance..

Rock Star from "MAYA"