Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunset hunting mode....

Sunset hunting mode is on.. so yesterday try to look for a good spot to shot sunset.. hmmmm.. So i go to this spot where most of the local phorographer would go to shot sunset.. No much shots can be taken.. so here are shots.. Cheers...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sexy Dolly Molly....

Its not easy to look for this type of model to be shot in this style of shots.. I mean a free session to shot her without costing any single cents.. Thanks to dolly for everything... Daring,sexy & adorable.. Great shot that day & we finished almost midnite.. Start around 8pm @ Iris FX Studio.. Now im still looking for a potential model that willing to be shot like this.. So anyone out there that is not shy n daring enough to be shot like this, jus drop me an email.. So here are the shots.. Enjoy.. C&C are welcome..

Monday, November 30, 2009

More shots of Theresa....

More shots of Theresa..

my favourite pics....

Theresa @ Iris FX White Room

Last Wednesday, bro Zamrin invited me to his studio for a shoting session.. New model to be was the model of the day. Theresa, mix blood lady really sweet & easy to work with.. Can pose very well & really got talent in her.. BTW, she's still a nurse and will be graduate soon.. hmmmm.. pretty nurse in the hospital? Im sure some of u might owez get sick jus to meet those pretty nurses.... :D So here are the shots.. C&C are welcome..


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post Processing with CS4..

Just learn sumthin new with photoshop.. Actually im not that good with it..Normally i jus do some level,contrast n cropping.. But recently i jus discover that photoshop really usefull & alot that we can do with it.. So here are some shots that i've done sumthing with it.. no more ori shots, jus a shot that i've manipulate it.. C&C are welcome.

Mount Serapi Outing..

Last month, me & few fella photographers had a great outing @ Mount Serapi.. The expedition took us almost half a day... We really had a great fun eventhough it is very tiring.. At least we got to know sumthin & experience sumthin new..

Actually, our plan is to go to the mountain peak.., but we all diverted to the waterfall..ehehehee... The route to the peak so steppe so we all thought that the route to the waterfall should be much easier..Eventually, it was the most challenging route actually.. but we never felt regret coz we all had an enjoyable expedition.. the scenery was great till i feel want to ga back there again..But this time, we will go to the mountain peak...

So here are some shots that i've taken during the trip.. So enjoy..

Updating my blog..

I've been to busy recently till i got no time to update my blog.. Feel bored with my blog?? naaa... not even abit.. Jus sumtime im busy updating some other site @ FB, Forum that i've join.. Blog,..hmmmm.. try my best to keep it updated. So here are some shots that i've taken recently.. Models, landscape... Any comment & critics are most welcome..

First, model shot.. Model:- Anglia.. finalist Miss Fair & Lovely 2009. ( Miss Photogenic )

Outdoor shoting with the 3 sisters..

The mean, the sexy & the innocent..( Mia,Dolly & Shirley)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunset@Pantai Puteri

I really luv sunset & sunrise.. Luckily that evening the weather is so damn good & i rush myself to the beach to get some shots. So here are the shots that i manage to take that evening.. (not in the mood to write a long post) hehehehe.... Enjoy..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Emma@ IRIS FX Studio

Last wednesday me and the gang had a great time shoting @ IRIS FX studio.. Emma, was the model that we shot that day. Really easy to work with, sweet and easy-going.. Nothing much to say, so here are the shots.. BTW, i like her tattoo..hehehehehe..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

World Karate-Do Tournament...

This time will be a little bit different. No potrait, models, wedding or landscape. Its an event shot.. World Champion Karate-Do Tournament. This competition was held recently in Kuching, Sarawak at the Indoor Stadium... It was a great tournament. Bravo to our Malaysian fighters for their fighting spirit.. They really fight with might for our country.. Injuries always there, pity to those who are injured.. So here's some of the shot taken on that day... Enjoy....

Friday, July 31, 2009

Double N's.. Nana & Najeep

N&N on the show... Nana & Najeep... Im sure some of u ever saw Nana in one of my post recently.. A close friend to Ling, and Najeep actually is a photographer & he's not a model but got talent i guess...wakakakakaka.... Boleh la, cukup makan... Dont be mad Najeep, just kidding ya... Some editing has been done..So any C&C are totally welcome...