Thursday, April 29, 2010

Model Shot Out with Ann Ling...

This shot was taken on the 10th April, the day Ann Ling was born.. It was her birthday lor..& she hired my fren Masan to shot her.. So i jus tagged myself with Masan since i got nothing to do that evening.. Play around with my DSLR that i have kept for quite sometime due to my busy daily routine works..( i guess..*winks) hehehehe.. so here are the shots.. Any comment & critics are totally welcome.. Can say what ever u guys want to say... me no problemo one..hehehehe

Monday, April 26, 2010

Concert @ BCCK (Borneo Convention Centre Kuching)

Fuhh..Its been a while i did not update my blog due to my workload that is increasing day by day.. Huh..what a life.. My visitor is decreasing every month.. Sorry bout that folks.. I got family to feed & cant committ myself blogging everyday..hehehehehe.. :P

Recently or can i say it few weeks ago(wink*), went to BCCK to shot a concert performed by some local artist a.k.a "Iban singer".. It was great & i had nvr enjoyed myself in such a concert.. Great sound system, great lighting & great performers.. I really like the sound system, & i hope Kuching will have a great concert from a great artist such as Daughtry maybe..hahahaha.. In our dream perhaps.. But i do suggest that BCCK is a great place to held a concert...

So here are the stage looks like.. Great lighting before the concert & a huge stage to perform..

The concert lead by a great MC.. One of the famous local DJ from SibuFm.. None other than DJ MCL(Margaret Cosma).. Very outstanding output from the MC's that nite.. Full with Humour by both of them.. OOpppsss.. cant get to know the other MC name.. hehehehe..


"MAYA" the band that lead the show that nite.. Outstanding performance..

Rock Star from "MAYA"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Im grounded... :(

Another boring evening.... suddenly i saw my boy sitting at the gate watching some kids playing around.. Maybe in his mind he wanted to join them but, would "my daddy allow me to play with them".. I rush into then house to take my cam and i shouldnt miss this moment.. Really like the expression of his face.. so here are the shots.. Edited with Photoshop.. few layers to create the effect.. By the way, im not good with photoshop.. hehehehe.. so dont expect sumthing extraordinary from me..

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunset Panorama..

My 1st landscape shot using my D700.. Really lurv the colour & output from it.. This shot taken while fishing & luckily i bring my cam along with me.. Wouldnt want to miss this great evening sunset.. Got few shot and merge it via photoshop.. Only do some contrast,level & colour adjustment on this shots... So enjoy... :)