Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pre-wed 2011

Hi there... My 1st post for the year 2011.. Hmmm.. a little bit lazy or can i say that im busy with my daily work?? hehehehehe... Honestly, IM LAZY.. not because i dont like to blog here, it is just that i prefer more to the other social network site such as FB.. actually i post alot of new & latest shots there.. U guys can search me under my own name, and do add me k..

OK.. let us continue here, i got plenty of shots/pics to share, but let me start with this outdoor pre-wed shots.. This couple will be getting married in March, & this shots are from the outdoor outing from a workshop that is organize by WhiteRoom Studio.. Im jus helping out the WhiteRoom Studio team to guide those newbies.. Interested to join this workshop? Jus email me or contact me.. More workshop is coming up soon by WhiteRoom Studio..

So here are the shots.. Any comment & critics are welcome..




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