Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Smile Cindy...

Haiyaaa.... Again i did not update my blog frequently as what i promised..(did i??) hehehehe.. This shoting session was held last month( oppss.. i forgot the date) :P.. Got nothing to do so i called up Cindy to arrange this shoting session that i've promised her few months back...( kih..kih..kih..) Me busy maa... no time to arrange futhermore no cam for few months before that..(sold the previous one before getting myself a new one) hehehehe..

Cindy is a very happy,sweet looking lady.. Lurv to shot her again in the future..(this is not a promise) mayb with another style & theme..

So here are the shots.. Any C&C are welcome for improvement. Thanks yaa...


  1. steady..da first pic eh sharp crack da wall

  2. thanks norris..hen edit tinen photoshop..actually no crack wall..hahahaha..